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We have land for sale in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Jharkhand, Ranchi and Hazaribagh. If you want to sell your land then mail at subhashsaibaba@outlook.com. The service charge is Rupees 1000 plus 2% fees. If you want to buy land then mail at shivparbati1949@outlook.com. The service charge is Rupees 1000 plus 2% fees.

The land has normally some complications. But we normally try to sell or acquire land which does not have complication or litigation. We strongly advice you not to make any payments until you are fully satisfied with land documents, and you have the right person selling or buying the land.

When you have to purchase land then specify us in the format Area>Locality>Price>On Road or Not> Distance from Town> Purpose of Land/Residential/Commercial>For Petrol Pump> Godown> Shopping Complex etc to shailesh_chandra@yahoo.com If you want to sell land then specify Price>Location> Free from CNT> Raiyati or Khasmahal> Distance from Town> To be sold by plotting etc to shailesh_chandra@yahoo.com

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We have plots in Mumbai, Apartments in Mumbai, Villas in Mumbai, Plots in Delhi, Apartments in Delhi, Villas in Delhi, We have plots in Pune, Apartments in Pune, Villas in Pune, We have plots in Hyderabad, Apartments in Hyderabad, Villas in Hyderabad. We have plots in Chennai, Apartments in Chennai, Villas in Chennai, We have plots in Ahmedabad, Apartments in Hyderabad, Villas in Hyderabad

We have plots in Jharkhand, Apartments in Jharkhand, Villas in Jharkhand. We have plots in Ranchi, Apartments in Ranchi, Villas in Ranchi. We have plots in Hazaribagh, Apartments in Hazaribagh, Villas in Hazaribagh.

What we do

We provide following services

  • Site Visit
  • Negotiation
  • Signing of Sale Deed