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Notice: Due to rise in Corona Cases from 12 April 2021 we request buyers and seller to interact through Shiva Realty Facebook Group to generate initial interest.

We are Global Real Estate Company and deal with Global Real Estate from Delhi and our offices in 190 Countries. Shiva Real Estate Consultancy Services is a leading Real Estate Consultancy Service in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Jharkhand, Ranchi and Hazaribagh. We work with good builders and plot owners to fulfill your real estate needs.

We are first company in World to be run on BODZIN Technology, which stands for Blast of Disruption, Zest Intentionally, that means we are in BODZIN Alpha -that is to make our business concept Viral

We have most of our employees as freelancers, who mostly work from home, and we operate through network of 99192 real estate agents Worldwide. We promote entrepreneurship as most of our ex-employees become independent and do their own solid and professional real-estate business. But many stay within our system if they lack technical knowledge to launch their own website.


Our operational areas are all cities of India, Europe, USA, UK, All countries of Europe, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, China, Russia, Canada and Japan, We do not deal in any other countries. So you do not waste your time in helping us to track prime properties in another locations.

We have speciality in following real-estate jobs

1. Getting or Acquiring Land for Sale

2. Outright Sale of Land

3. Getting people having local contacts bring land deals to us.

4. Scouting Land and Construction of Petrol Pump, if you got Reliance Petrol Pump License

5. Arranging Properties for Rent or Lease

6. Getting Students Rented or PG Location

7. Sale of Agricultural Land

8. Sale and Purchase of Flats and Villas

9. Making commercial lands available for factories or Villas

10. Sale and Purchase of distressed assets.

Our Services

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We have plots in Jharkhand, Apartments in Jharkhand, Villas in Jharkhand. We have plots in Ranchi, Apartments in Ranchi, Villas in Ranchi. We have plots in Hazaribagh, Apartments in Hazaribagh, Villas in Hazaribagh.

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What we do

We provide following services

  • Site Visit
  • Negotiation
  • Signing of Sale Deed